At Hotelli Jämsä, sustainability has been a matter of the heart since the very beginning of our operations.

Today, there is a wide range of expectations and requirements related to sustainability.

At Hotelli Jämsä, we strive to meet these requirements and stay up to date with sustainability matters.

Sustainability is part of our everyday operations and we hope our customers can see the results.

Below you can read about the ecological, social, cultural and economic conditions under which we operate.


We recycle waste and we hope our customers will too. There are waste sorting stations in the corridors where sorting waste is easy.

We use environmentally friendly detergents for cleaning. Our body and hand soaps, paper hand towels and toilet paper are also environmentally friendly.

Our bed linen and towels are washed by a local laundry using environmentally friendly detergents. We also buy our cleaning services from a local supplier.

Common areas are cleaned every day so that they stay tidier for longer.

Our water supply points are water-efficient and we encourage our customers to avoid unnecessary water consumption.

Our electricity is Väre green electricity and all the light fixtures are equipped with LED bulbs. We also instruct our customers to turn off the lights when they leave. To make this easier, the lighting in the showers and toilets, as well as in the common areas, is set to motion sensors.

The hotel’s construction and renovation work has been done by the hotel staff or by local small businesses.

The hotel design was carried out in-house.


We honour the hotel’s location with the lobby murals that showcase famous events in Jämsä. We recycle old, disused hotel furniture. Some of the furniture and all mirrors and lamp bases are recycled.

The brochure shelf contains a selection of brochures and recommendations of local businesses in Himos Jämsä and the surrounding area.


Our prices remain moderate thanks to the self-service hotel principle. Our hotel is keyless and guests can enter using a code. Cleaning staff are on-site in the mornings – at other times we are available by telephone and you can always call or text us.

We actively monitor customer satisfaction and respond quickly to feedback (Facebook, Instagram,, Google, and our own communication channels).

The electricity in all our sites is certified green electricity, produced from hydro, wind and bioenergy.

We are open to all feedback.

Please feel free to contact us if you think there’s anything we can do to improve.

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Kind regards,
The Hotelli Jämsä Team – Margo, Saara & Marita


Hotelli Jämsä

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Postal address: c/o Family Saxberg Nisulankatu 56 40720 JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland

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Electronic invoice address: 003710037018
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Electronic data intercharge ID: 003721291126

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Hotelli Jämsä

Hotelli Jämsä is a self-service hotel full of character. Our rooms are of a high standard and each has its own bathroom. The hotel is located near excellent transport connections and close to the services of Jämsä and Himos – it is easy to arrive and enjoy!

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